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Version 1.2 Р January 2017

  • Correction: P68 and P178 fixed romanization of Korean, “eundol” is now “ondol”
  • Correction: P38 in tea processing chart. last step in black tea production changed from “fixed” to “dried”
  • Correction: P140 Hua Juan variant Shi Liang Cha weight changed from 362.5kg to 362.5g
  • Correction: P126 in Darjeeling list, “Chongtong (Siristi)” changed to “Chongtong (Sirisi)”

Version 1.1 РOctober 25 2016

  • Initial launch of the book
  • Several small design changes were made

Version 1.0 – October 7 2016

  • Preview of the book sent to beta reading group

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